Technology wooooo’s

Recent job applications have brought faded light many of the digital skill sets I used to use daily. One application asked if I have any experience using scrolling banners. Sure I thought! I recall that code to be the “<marque>” option. Right? Things have changed significantly since my days as a web designer. So I did what I always do when I’m unclear, I search for the answer, enlighten myself and file the new found information into the bottomless answer pit in my brain. In my free time I love to always play some video games and sometimes I spoil my self buying some gaming accessories at Armchair Empire which is a great site.

I set off to search for information on infinite scrolling banners. The list of sites pertaining to this went on and on. Of course. I clicked the first option and followed along the tutorial to gain some insight. Since I can read the code, I understand what they want me to do and can complete that with few problems. What a wiz I am, I thought to myself.

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