about me

Jennifer Louise Ogden

My name is Jennifer Louise Ogden and I have been immersed in the arts my entire life. Traveling around the country as a child with my artist father, I gained insight into the arts in a way like no other, from mall shows to festivals, one man shows to national parks exhibits. I would help set-up and tear-down shows. I would out-sell my father – batting my eyes I’d say “my daddy did that.”  No one would resist the little girl proudly describing his wares. When I turned nine and his framer moved on to another opportunity, I helped frame for the upcoming show. Soon thereafter I was doing all of his framing; I  cut glass, cardboard and intricate matting.  By the time I was a senior in high school, I ran the gallery framing shop, assisting patrons in choosing the most complementary matting and frames to fit any decor. I even ran the gallery in Durango, CO, while my parents were away on art shows. I learned how to serve the customer, manage a gallery, package and ship, and even how to make a killer pot of coffee! I designed white aluminium outdoor furniture as a part time job.

Technology advanced during this time and I was exposed to home computing. I experienced the birth of an entire era. I started out on a Commodore 64 then IBM PC and the original MAC.  Before there were built in hard drives, back up zip drives, floppy drives or CD-ROMS, there were DOS codes and syntax errors… I was a sponge to it all. It seemed only natural for me to continue the development required with ever-changing technology skills to compliment my life long love for the arts.

I attended Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ, San Diego Mesa College, University of California – San Diego, University of Nevada – Las Vegas, and Colorado State University in Pueblo to finally earn dual degrees in 2008: BFA in graphic design minoring in mass communication and a BA in art history. After nearly a decade immersed in publication design I felt the need to return to school and earn my Masters. I completed the Design Strategy + Innovation track at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in December of 2015 with summa cum laude honors. It was there that I expanded my love for the arts and design to include human centered design thinking and ethnographic research using qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.

I’ve story-boarded and vector illustrated, coded in HTML and CSS, managed projects from conception to production and have attended multiple press checks to ensure quality. I enjoy working alone and in a team. Collaborating with creative minds brings light to projects just as eloquently as sitting outside under the trees. Inspiration can be found just about everywhere: watching the ducks on a pond or the squirrels marry-go-rounding the tree trunks to the hustle and bustle of a busy bus station or mall plaza.

Design is not just about pretty images or perfect bound books but a way to communicate in a very specific way to a particular audience. Design crosses out of imagery alone into human behavior. When we examine this behavior, design thinking can be applied to just about any problem to create an innovative solution.

I hope to remain the most unusually minded individual I can in attempts to communicate to the variety of demographics that walk our Earth.